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The Best Strength Training For Skinny Guys

Are you tired of being called skinny? Or do you want a training plan to gain size and strength? If your answer is yes, Then you have come to the right article. Being skinny hampers your life in many ways. It reduces your confidence and makes you less attractive.

The good thing is that you can change your situation if you are willing to do hard work and put extra effort. So if you want to build strength and gain some muscle mass, Then this article is very beneficial for you.

In this article, You will get the best skinny guy’s strength training to pack on some serious size. So if this sounds helpful, Then continue reading the article.


Being skinny is very common and is usually based on your genetics. However promoting muscle growth is something that takes a lot of discipline and dedication. You have to make sure you have the right diet and feed those muscles. You need to be in a calorie surplus while stimulating those muscles at the same time.

Meaning you need to have more calories than you're burning. You have to train the muscles a few times a week if you want to see any results in the gym. You should also make sure that you don't train too much because you will begin to lose that muscle.


diet plan

Your diet needs to consist of a lot of a lot of protein to feed your muscles. Workouts consist of exercises to tear your muscles, Your results happen in recovery as you eat after a workout. Chicken breasts are one of the best sources of protein for fast results.

However there are also some other sources like nuts and kale which are good for building muscle. You want to avoid snacks and baked goods as much as possible, because that will take away from your muscle growth. Having a clean diet while getting your protein is going to give you results fast as you workout.

Chest Exercises

Push ups tend to be one of the best options when it comes developing your pecs. The results won't be as fast but you'll develop strength and keep those muscles for a longer amount of time. You can also do them just about anywhere wherever you are.

There are many variations to increase the intensity. The best thing to do to improve is just to do more every time. As you do this, the chest exercises are going to get easier and you'll have a stronger chest.

There is also the bench press which is the fastest way of developing your chest muscles. It's really important to make sure that you have proper form and get a spotter so that you don't hurt yourself.

You have to try on low amounts of weight to find out where you are, then as you do more add more weight and do more reps, you'll see progress. There are also resistance bands that create more of a flexible muscle. That's good for the people who just want to get pecs, but don't want the responsibility of maintaining a challenging diet.

Arm Exercises

Curls are one of the most old school workouts but they have always produced great results. Dumbbells tend to be one of the best options and almost every can start out at a level. The muscle groups you want to train are the biceps and triceps. Curls are good for the biceps and also maintain strength on the triceps.

Triceps dips are one the best exercises for building muscle in that muscle. You can also use a dumbbell for this workout, but it's recommended that you start out at a low weight so that you don't hurt yourself.

Push ups are a good exercise for making sure that you train multiple muscle groups but aren't very focused for growing your arms. They are good if you just want to make sure that your arms are toned.

There are also resistance bands that you can use if you just want to make sure that you get flexible muscles. It depends on what your goals are, but bands are a legitimate way of training arms. There are some body weight exercises but those are very tiring and the results aren't worth effort. All of the workouts are viable.

Quad Exercises

Squats are some of the best exercises when it comes to your legs. Your legs are already very strong, but you have to develop that muscle to know to get even stronger. You can do body weight squats as a warm up, but then you can just you use a bar and add on some weight.

You are likely going to be adding on more weight than what you did for chest. It's some of the best weight that you'll be able to put on with only one exception in some cases. You want to make sure that you're pushing yourself and have a spotter because you're putting on a lot of weight.

Leg presses are also a solid option when it comes to building your quads. It's just as effective and you don't have to put as much stress on the form when it comes to that exercise. Cardio seems to produce decent results when it comes to increasing the strength of your legs.

There are also weights that you can attach to your legs to increase the overall strength of your quads. There are a lot of other options but you are likely to also develop your glutes while doing those exercises.

Calve Exercises

Calves are usually the most irrelevant muscle group but they are still muscles. Leg lunges are one of the best exercises for building up that strength. It's also the different muscles that it will work on for getting better on growing that muscle.

What you want to do is add weight to those muscle groups so that you are able to get more development in less time. You also have to make sure that you do leg presses and squats, that's going to be something that gives you the best results in the least amount of time.

Abdominal Exercises

This is the exercise that takes the most amount of body weight to do. Genetics play a big part in how fast those abs develop and the type of abs that you have. You also have to burn a lot of fat so those abs are visible. Abs exist you protect your body's internal organs.

They aren't going to be that hard to develop, but you have to make sure that do crunches consistently, and provide some variations. Bicycle crunches are some of the best exercises for abs, but to get abs, get a weight vest you that those abs have more pressure to resist against. They aren't going to require that much protein to see results.

Training Plan To Gain Strength And Muscle Mass

Before starting the training plan, There are some things that you should follow to get the desired results. Here are some rules that you should keep in mind during the entire training plan.

  • When you are into in this training plan, You should avoid omitting cardio. If your main target is gaining size, Then you should focus on doing cardio on the non-lifting days.
  • Increase the calorie take and eat more food then you eating right now.
  • Focus more on eating quality foods, Don’t just eat anything.
  • Make sure to follow the training plan exactly it is given, Don’t add anything extra.
How To Create A Great Body

This is one of the best strength training for skinny guys that gradually increases the body strength and muscle mass. All stages need intensity and proper nutrition. So make sure to focus more on contraction rather than just moving the weights.

Here you will get the combination of most effective exercises that are recommended by the top fitness pros. Always keep in mind that you have to choose a weight that can handle properly and lift it with full ROM (Range Of Motion). Now without wasting any time, Let’s jump to the training plan. 

​Day 1: Chest And Triceps

Day 2: Back And Biceps

Day 3: Shoulders And ABS

Day 4: Legs And Calves

Repeat this cycle and increase the weight steadily as you move forward. If you take enough calories and protein, then you will see results after completing the first cycle.


Building muscle is not an easy thing and it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Along with this training plan, It is also important to eat all of the necessary nutrients to recover properly. You can also take supplements like whey protein to complete your daily protein needs.

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